In this episode, Joel reconnects with a good buddy from college, Justin Khoe. Justin is currently the host of a YouTube channel called That Christian Vlogger, with 48,000 subscribers, where he posts thought provoking videos to stimulate dialogue with young people. After listening to this interview, you will not only be encouraged to be intentional about growing your personal influence, but also have the practical tools to do so.


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The Power Points!

  • Justin’s most influential person in his life is his dad; they have many similarities, tries to run things by him when he comes at a crossroads in life.
  • For better or worse, you’re a product of your parents, and can learn from their actions and mistakes.
  • Justin’s faith-based YouTube channel, That Christian Vlogger addresses taboo questions that some churches shy away from.
  • Young people generally don’t have a voice in church, since they operate in a top-down perspective.
  • Justin’s goal with his YouTube channel: is to encourage people to start conversations with the day-to-day people around them.
  • Influence isn’t something to be attained. You have influence on your closest friends and family. You have to ask yourself: Am I cool with the influence that I’m putting on other people?
  • Learning doesn’t stop after college, we should always be learning.
  • “Not everyone needs to aspire to have a tribe behind them.” If he had to choose from his personal influence or online influence, he would choose his personal influence every single time.
  • Consistency is the hardest thing about building an online influence. Plus discouragement, challenges, boredom.
  • How Justin deals with discouragement and haters: He makes sure that he’s in the driver’s seat, and not his emotions.
  • The metrics for his audience don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. What matters is why you’re doing things.
  • The coolest part of having his online influence is being able to decide how he wants to structure his day, the flexibility of not being a slave to a corporate entity.
  • Resources that have rocked Justin’s world: Simon Sinek, an influencer in the marketing world, and his book, Start with Why.
  • Justin’s closing advice to people who have something good to share: Don’t focus on what you don’t have (resources, equipment), allow time and the journey to be your teachers.

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