In this episode Joel has an insightful discussion with Dr. David DeRose, a lifestyle medicine doctor with over 30 years of experience. Dr. DeRose not only shares how digital media has boosted his ability to help others, but also brings to light the dangers of neglecting your own personal health on the altar of success. For anyone seeking to make a radical difference in this world, this episode will be a strong wake-up call to be proactive about your personal health.

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Podcast Power Points:

  • Dr. DeRose got involved in preventative medicine long before it became popular.
  • Unfortunately our healthcare system only pays attention to where the money is. People will pay big money for a quick fix medical procedure, but will ignore lifestyle related treatment and prevention measures.
  • Our society has moved in the direction of being overly sedentary. If not met head on with proactive activity, this habit presents high risks like cancer and high blood pressure and
  • We need to life “the disciplined life” It’s easy to be disciplined in the areas of hard work, but it’s also important to be disciplined in the area of rest and self care.
  • “High tech and social media means more opportunity to connect, but also presents us with a challenge in carving out time to rest.”
  • “If you have a tendency to gain weight, you’re probably better off.” The person who is unhealthy and looks great, might drop dead with a heart attack, because they were borrowing against the bank.
  • “If we’re not maintaining our own health, our ability to help someone else is decreased. If we make time to take care of ourselves, we can accomplish much more.”
  • Health is not just about longevity, but about having a happier, more effective life now.
  • Dr. DeRose is the co-author of the book, 30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control where he unpacks the research to support the thesis that high blood pressure is preventable and reversible. He backs all this up with success stories as well makes things practical for the reader with chapter by chapter application challenges.
  • There’s only two groups of people, those with high blood pressure, and those who will get it in the future. If you’re not proactive in preventing it, if you live into your 80’s there’s a 90% chance that they’ll get high blood pressure.
  • “Do you want to wait until you have medical problems to start figuring out how to prevent them, or do you want to become proactive?”
  • Though it takes a lot of effort and intentionality to keep up with technology nowadays, it is well worth the effort in using it to increase your influence.
  • Dr. DeRose believes that his YouTube presentation have not only impacted his ability to influence people, but have also increased the sales of his book.
  • One of Dr. DeRose’s favorite and most influential books is Counsels on Diet and Foods.  It dramatically changed his health, and he realizes today that it’s still considered cutting-edge in the nutrition world.  


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